Tips to Care for Aging Teeth

As we age, our teeth face the triumphs of aging and wear down quicker, experience decay faster, and need extra care to maintain their bright white, beautiful appearance. But, you can protect your pearly whites and maintain a great smile at any age. Here are a few tips for caring for aging teeth that you should use to prevent or minimize tooth loss and tooth damage.

Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth twice per day, every single day. Brush when you wake up and again before bed to remove plaque and tartar buildup. You also fight gum disease and tooth decay when you brush the teeth twice each day.

Toothbrush Talk

Traditional toothbrushes do not provide the best results for aging teeth so you may want to reconsider the brush that you use. Ask your dentist chicago to recommend a toothbrush that will thoroughly clean the teeth. Or, switch to an electric toothbrush of your choice.

Visit the Dentist

Go to the dentist at least once per year and more often if there are dental problems between visits. The American Dental Association recommends annual visits to keep teeth in the best health. Adhere to this recommended schedule no matter how old you are.

Eliminate Bad Habits

A lot of our bad habits affect our health in many ways, including our oral health. You should avoid consuming sugary sweets which cause tooth decay. Stop smoking if you do, and do not use illegal drugs. You should avoid chewing tobacco as well.

Watch What You Eat

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Since the teeth tend to weaken with age, be mindful of the foods that you eat which can crack or chip the teeth if they’re too hard or too tough to chew for your teeth. Make sure you don’t crack the teeth by simply eating food!